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With so much information, new tech coming out daily, how do you know what works and what is just another distraction?

What are truly the “best practices” when things change weekly?

That’s where Get it Done Right comes in.

One program designed to support you where you are today and where you’re going tomorrow. The resources you need to better leverage both you and your business. The behind-the-scenes systems which allow you to take vacations (or staycations!) and leave your laptop at home (if you choose), generate revenue daily and do both without sacrificing your time, energy or sanity.

Described as “the best resource and community for small business owners”, the Get It Done Right Community is for: business owners who are focused on attracting clients and customers and getting revenue to a place where they can breathe easier in their business knowing it’s supporting itself.

Sandra Martini

Meet Sandy

You’re likely wondering who I am. After all, if you just signed up for the complimentary e-book, why should you trust me?!?!

My name is Sandy Martini and I’ve been in business partnering with and teaching small business owners from all industries – online and offline – for over 16 years.

And by “in business”, I mean owning a profitable business which is the sole support of income for our household and supported three families during eight years of caregiving due to cancer. While serving business owners is absolutely one of my passions (along with animals, organic gardening and self-sustainability), it isn’t a hobby, it’s a business.

My background includes working in Peace Corps’ Marketing Department, being on a small team which launched AmeriCorps, planning White House Presidential Events, working with the Office of Management and Budget and serving as Director of Operations for a national satellite television company.

It’s eclectic and it, combined with my insatiable appetite for learning and taking consistent action, are what’s been responsible for my ongoing success.

You can learn more about me here if you’d like.

Now that you know a little about me, let me share the program specifics with you.

But first, know that these Communities provide you with the shortcuts you need to know what works and what doesn’t without spending days, weeks or even years figuring it all out.

And, of course, you have my full permission to take these systems and processes and use them in your business. Do them yourself, give them to your Team, whatever serves you best.

Here are the details of what’s included in each level:

  • Monthly Learning Call (see FAQ for sample topics)
  • Monthly Open Q&A Call
  • Monthly Print Newsletter
  • Quarterly Private Call with Sandy
  • Online "On Demand" Resource Library
  • Facebook Community
  • 15% Discount off Group Programs and all Products
  • Receive 30% for referrals
  • Periodic System/Training complete with checklists, "what's working today" reports and more.
  • Surprise bonuses!
  • Subscription to a private podcast
  • Receive mini-training videos
  • Invite your team members to any call
  • Receive calendar invites/reminders



Why So Low?

You’re likely wondering what my goal is. After all, $49/month for everything in the GIDR Community.

The investment is significantly less than a nice dinner out, but that’s not the point. The point is that I don’t want your money, but rather your commitment. Your commitment to show up to the calls (or listen to the replays). to ask questions when it benefits you and to take advantage of our quarterly private sessions.

It’s simple. I want you to have access to the information, resources and community that weren’t around (or were and not affordable) when I was building my business.

I don’t have to get rich off these programs. Getting rich and calling myself a “million dollar X” isn’t what motivates me. Serving others and providing Extreme Client Care™ in a way that helps ALL of us is.

These programs are one of my ways of giving back to our small business community.

There’s another reason the investment is so low. My best clients have experienced me in another way first — whether through free trainings, speaking live at an event (in-person or virtual) or being part of either the Get It Done Right or Escalate! Community. Once you experience the value and see results, the next level may be a good fit for you as well.


Our "Make You Happy" Guarantee

Try it out. There’s no long term commitment. My sincere hope is you’l love whichever program best serves you and choose to stay.

If you do, GREAT! You’ll be a member of a Community of business professionals who genuinely care about one another, who refer within the Group before outside and who support each other day in and day out.

If not, that’s ok, too. No worries, cancel within the first 30 days, you’ll receive a full refund and we’ll part as friends.

But if you do love it (and I think you will), you’ll automatically be renewed at the level you choose and can cancel anytime it no longer serves you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you share some sample call topics?

Of course. While the topics are all relevant to small businesses (and many to larger businesses), that’s where the similarity ends. From planning to marketing, systems to Extreme Client CareTM, upserving to client retention, we cover them all.

Suggested topics are welcome and often shared on our Facebook Group. Here are some of our recent topics:

Maximizing Your Business’ Slow Periods
Client Monetization through Upserving
The Power of the Browse
Creating Your Relationship Marketing Plan

Will my monthly investment ever increase?

No, you are grandfathered at the investment rate you cone in at for the lifetime of your membership.

Do you participate in the Facebook Group or is it only Members?

I participate and typically pop in at least once a day, except one day each week when I disconnect from tech.

Is the Facebook Group full of Members promoting themselves?

Absolutely not! We have “Promo Friday” where you can share an offer or other announcement. Other than that, the Facebook Group is about helping each other, bouncing ideas off one another and participating in a Community.  

Are the Monthly Calls recorded?

Yes. All Monthly Learning Calls are recorded and stored (almost always with pdf slides) in our Online Business & Marketing Resource Library. All Monthly Q&A Calls are also recorded and listening links sent out after the call.

Your Support Makes a Difference

Thank you for supporting this family-owned business. A portion of all proceeds goes to organizations that support children undergoing cancer treatment and animal rescue.